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Personal cash flow tools connect to your financial accounts to help you see the impact of upcoming payments and plan ahead. When life happens the Cashry Store helps you shop lenders for funds as soon as tomorrow.

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When you spend more than you save, you go into debt. A debt cycle is when you continue to borrow to keep up. That trap leads to increased debt and increasing costs.

Cashry and our other finance stores help you know exactly where you stand. It’s essential to track all of your spending and income so you know where your money goes.

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Cash Management

Members receive personal cash flow tools that measure where your money is going with clear charts. Cashry helps you determine positive or negative cash inflows and outflows color coordinated to help you plan ahead to avoid a cash crunch. Just add your bank or other financial accounts and in minutes you'll have the tools you need to manage money better.


AI-Driven Financial InfoDesk

Cashry's InfoDesk provides real-time information of your finances, serving up the insights that matter most. And because the InfoDesk uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), you'll have a daily concierge experience based on your spending profile. Members say "it's like a Facebook feed only this one is tailored to my individual financial goals!”

Goal Score

Goal Score

Set yourself on your financial journey with a comprehensive view of your money health and the steps needed to improve it. Your financial goal score is generated based on your spending, saving, and borrowing behaviors.

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Forecast Your Personal
Cash Flow

The Cashry Store's Cash Flow feature combs through your transactions to help you understand your historical spending and predict future spending. It allows you to easily identify and add recurring bills and payments, as well as one-time or annual payments. It helps you see the impact of upcoming payments and plan ahead.

Goal Progress

On the Cash Flow’s main screen, you can choose a calendar view. Expenses and income are represented by red down arrows and green up arrows, respectively.

Avoid debt
by planning ahead

Cashry's Cash Flow Calendar makes managing and maintaining multiple transactions easier. Monthly budget and expenses are easy to monitor because of the clean layout of the calendar.

You can keep track of your money using a calendar that acts like a financial planner. You can program future expenses and set financial goals.

Track Your Available Cash Over Time

You’ll be able to see currently available cash based on all asset accounts and an estimate of your available balance in the near future.

Available Cash

The main screen provides a forecast visualization of your available cash across the selected date range. It includes all checking and savings accounts.


Cash events are recurring or one-time events that will be represented in your Cash Flow forecast. Events can be income or expenses.

Get Alerts of Events and Get Out of
the Costly Debt Cycle

The Cashry Store will suggest recurring events that it has identified. You can also click “Create your own” to create an event from a list of past transactions or create an event entirely from scratch for transactions that occur outside the software or for anticipated future payments.

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Members are able to connect accounts to get a comprehensive view of cash flow.

PLUS, get access to the Financial Goal Mall! Similar to a regular mall, you’ll have the ability to shop through different stores, except here they’ll cater to your financial needs.

Each of the stores offer different services, such as saving on bills, budgeting, managing debt and so many more.

Once place to reach financial goals and comparison shop for cash

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The Budgetry Store helps you create a monthly budget so you can track and plan your financial goals. Try our award winning design.


Debtry is a powerful finance store that allows you to see all of your debts in one place and create a payoff plan the finance experts recommend.


Save on bills. Shop Smarter.

Know where your money is going so you can better understand your spending habits and stay on track.


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