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When is the Right Time to decide and go for a personal loan?

Not that many years ago, if you’d had a rough stretch in your credit history, it could cripple you for life. Maybe you lost a job. Maybe someone in your family became seriously ill. Accidents, legal trouble, personal tragedy – these were not only difficult experiences as they were happening, they often felt like chains preventing you from moving forward for years afterwards.

Bad credit is still a very real problem, but it’s not the life sentence it once was. The growth of online lending has disrupted the financial industry in some truly innovative and beneficial ways. Financial institutions across the nation are more willing than ever before to compete for your business and prioritize your satisfaction. Even consumers with messy credit histories or low credit scores can often secure a personal loan to pay off debt, consolidate their credit card balances, or finance an important purchase or repair. Short term cash loans or traditional financing are available, often at surprisingly competitive rates!

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Pros & Cons of Bad Credit Loans


  • Using a bad credit loan for personal loan consolidation can save you money over time and help you rebuild your credit while you rebuild your peace of mind.
  • The right loan could allow you to pay off multiple smaller loans at a similar or lower interest rate and with a lower monthly obligation.
  • Credit card debt relief loans can restructure debt so it’s more manageable, saving you money on interest and late fees.
  • Responsible use of a bill consolidation loan or other cash loans for poor credit helps you rebuild your credit history and raise your credit score.
Cons Boy


  • Loan consolidation companies, cash lenders for bad credit, and other short term loan lenders may ask you to document your employment, provide recent pay stubs, or detail current debts. They want evidence you’re able to repay small short term loans.
  • Even good loans for bad credit will cost more than borrowing with a higher credit score. Expect setup fees and steep penalties if you miss a due date.
  • You may have to shop around a little to find the right offer. Never take a loan you're not comfortable with or can't repay.

Easily compare real loan offers — not just ranges or estimates.

We connect you with the lenders most likely to fit your circumstances and meet your needs

At Cashry, we educate, encourage, and connect. We don’t loan money. We have nothing invested in which loan you accept or whether you decide to utilize bad credit cash loans at all. Instead, we’re here to make finding and comparing short-term loans for bad credit (or any short-term cash loans) easier and more productive than doing it all on your own. Not all loans are created equal, and not all emergency cash lenders have your best interests at heart - especially when you may not have great credit to begin with.

We maintain a carefully curated database of online lenders and financial institutions with an online presence. We know which ones specialize in bad credit loans and who’s currently offering the best terms and most reliable service for people in your specific circumstances. We know their histories and customer satisfaction rates, their promotions and typical turnaround times. We sort through it all so you don’t have to.

When you tell us what you’re looking for and provide a little basic information, we’ll connect you with the short-term loan options we believe best match your needs. It’s up to them to compete for your business, and entirely up to you whether or not they succeed. Bad credit loan shopping is rarely fun. The world of online lending can be overwhelming and it’s sometimes difficult to know who to trust.

There are good loans for bad credit out there, however. There are reputable online lenders who can work with you instead of simply working you over. And we can help you find them.

All debt is not created equal. While some argue that there’s no such thing as “good debt,” most experts would agree that there are better and worse forms of debt. There are certainly better and worse amounts, interest rates, and other terms when it comes to your debt. There are also times we have to weigh the needs of the moment with our long-term goals for getting out of debt for good.

Your refrigerator unexpectedly conks out right after you’ve been to the grocery store. Your daughter’s car is making a noise that can’t possibly be good. Maybe you finally have a chance to interview for that new career in another state and need travel money. Or perhaps your son’s roommate moved out unexpectedly and he’s desperate to cover the rent while he looks for other options.

When you have a credit score of 600 or less, you may think you have no choice but to take any fast small cash loans you’re offered. Local banks and credit unions generally avoid poor credit short term loans, so when I’m desperate, I may turn to high interest payday loans or any cash loans near me I can find. But let’s be honest – even when circumstances are challenging and your credit is poor, you can’t make things better by making them worse. If you need quick cash for emergencies or you’re desperate to consolidate high interest debt, take a moment to compare your options and make sure the decision you make will actually take you the direction you want to go.

Everyone needs fast cash loans sometimes. It’s tempting to go with the first quick short term loans you can find, even if they’re not actually the right quick cash loans for you. As yourself how each loan you’re considering is likely to impact your overall debt in the long term.

Every time you borrow money, make a payment, choose a loan, or even apply for credit, you’re impacting your credit score. While it may not seem nearly as urgent as that unexpected repair or emergency situation you’re trying to navigate, in the long run a better credit score makes it easier for you to manage similar situations in the future. Even raising “bad” credit to “average” credit gives you greater flexibility where you’ll live, how much it will cost you to finance a vehicle, whether or not you or your kids can afford college, sometimes even your insurance rates or whether or not you get that job you’ve always wanted.

It’s always worth considering your credit score when budgeting, borrowing, spending, saving, or making any other financial decisions – big or small. Taking an extra day or two to weight your options, whatever the reason you need fast cash loans or other loans with bad credit. Look for the most favorable terms you can find, even if they’re not what you’d be offered with a better credit score. Make sure you can easily handle the repayment schedule. Every installment you pay on time helps nudge that credit score the right direction. (Just like every late payment drops it a bit further!)

Give yourself a little credit. Improved financial credit in the future. Solid decision-making when it comes to your credit choices in the present. And a little personal credit for handling things as well as you have so far. Sure, there are things we all wish we could have done better… but you’re still here, still kicking, and still finding ways to control the things you can control.

Things like, say… your credit.

When you’re comparing short-term loans, or worried about getting approved with bad credit, you’re probably not thinking about budgets or budgeting. It may not seem like the right time. Maybe when things have calmed down? When you’ve survived this crisis? When you can afford to make a budget?

We get it. But as much as we may not want to think about it, times of crisis aren’t reasons to put off getting serious about a monthly household budget – they’re reminders why we simply must have a workable, effective, serious monthly household budget. Budgets aren’t about telling you what you can and can’t do with your own money. Budgets are about helping you clearly identify what you’re already doing with your own money so you can make better decisions about what to do moving forward. They’re not a chain; they’re a GPS that you set for anything you choose.

Saying you don’t have time to budget because you’re dealing with a cash emergency is like saying you don’t have time to turn on the light because you’re looking for something in the dark. Budgets aren’t magic - they won’t fix everything immediately. They are powerful, however. So are you, once you take the time to create and use yours effectively. They shine a light on your finances so you can make better, more informed decisions.

It’s still up to you what you’re looking for. Your goals are still YOUR goals. Let’s turn on some lights to make them a bit easier to find.

Cash management refers to any decision you make regarding your income, your spending, your investments, and how you juggle it all. While budgets are big picture strategies you use to guide your daily decisions, cash management involves the daily details that make it happen.

With small businesses, this includes things like invoicing procedures and managing revolving credit. With personal finances, it involves those daily decisions which over time shape your overall financial health:

• Using a credit card vs. taking money out of savings
• Balancing your checkbook
• Referring to your budget to guide spending decisions
• Choosing the right insurance options for yourself and your family
• Deciding when to refinance a mortgage or how to finance a vehicle
• Reducing monthly expenditures
• Educating yourself about more effective money management strategies

We want to help you get through your current situation. But it shouldn’t stop there. Let’s work together towards a healthier financial lifestyle for you and those in your care.

When you’ve made your decision after weighing whatever short term loans direct lenders have offered you, and after you’ve had a moment to reflect on your bad credit loan shopping experience, we’d respectfully like to help you start thinking more seriously about savings.

Like budgeting, savings can seem completely counterintuitive when you’re in the middle of an emergency cash loans crisis. IF YOU HAD MONEY LYING AROUND TO PUT INTO SAVINGS, YOU WOULDN’T NEED QUICK SHORT TERM LOANS! To which we say… exactly.

Even a small emergency savings account of a few hundred dollars can stave off additional unwanted debt. Look at it this way – let’s say you have an unexpected car repair. It’s a few hundred dollars. Some weeks, you could handle that, but this was the worst possible week for it to happen! But it has to be done, so you pull out a credit card you hope has enough to cover it, and you charge the repair.

Your card is now maxed out, meaning your credit score drops a bit lower than it already is. It’s also relatively high interest (because that’s how most credit cards are) so the repair is actually costing you far more than the amount you charged. You were already having trouble keeping up with the payments, so you’re getting hit with late fees and additional interest costs. You’d like to switch to a lower interest card, but you can’t because of your credit score which is lower now that you’ve used your card for the repair.

Now imagine you had a few hundred dollars in your emergency savings, even if you had to scrimp and budget for six months to get there. Same repair. It’s still frustrating, but you can cover it from savings. Now you have to start all over! That’s no fun, to be sure – but when you think about it, that’s what savings is for. It’s done its job, and you’ve avoided the first scenario and the stress that comes with it.

We can help you get started with savings when you’re ready.

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Online Loans For Bad Credit

Everyone needs fash cash sometimes. It’s tempting to go with the first offer you find, even if it’s not the right short-term cash loan for you. When you have a credit score of 600 or less, you may think you have no choice but to accept whatever emergency cash loans are available - but that’s not always true. You may have better options. And we can help you find them.

Local banks and credit unions generally avoid poor credit short-term loans. That’s when the predatory lenders start circling - high-interest payday loans, signs promising “Quick Cash Now!” on every corner, and too many online lenders for one person to sort through. That’s where Cashry comes in. We navigate lenders and short-term loan options for you, then match you up with what we believe to be the best match for your circumstances. There are a wide variety of reputable online lenders out there, and you may qualify for a fast short-term loan even with bad credit. We make it easy to compare your options and contact lenders without even leaving your home.

Cashry is part of the Goalry family, where we’d like to help you do more than choose between short-term loans. We make it easy to weigh the short and long-term costs of each loan. To improve your savings and better manage your monthly budget. To invest towards retirement, no matter what your current income. Your circumstances may be challenging, but you still have options - and we’d like to help you explore them in a supportive, no-pressure environment. Let us know when you’re ready.

Bad Credit Loans: What You Need to Know

Online loans for bad credit may help you navigate a short-term emergency or even consolidate existing debt into something more manageable. Short term cash loans shouldn’t become a regular solution to ongoing financial difficulty, however. Even good loans for bad credit will have higher interest rates than traditional loans, and repeated borrowing can easily lead to increased debt and even more difficulty.

Once you’ve managed your credit emergency, take some time to analyze your personal or household budget with fresh eyes and complete honestly. Educate yourself a bit on what’s possible with personal finance, even with a low income or rocky credit history. It won’t always be easy, but you can rebuild your credit. You can move past fast cash loans towards personal financial security and growth. Others have done it, and you can, too.

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