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What Credit Card Information is most important to you?

It’s difficult to get by in the 21st century without at least one credit card. Online shopping, travel, unexpected expenses, phone transactions, autopay, and many other situations can be handled more quickly and easily with the right card or combination of cards.

But not all cards are created equal. Responsible credit card use starts with choosing the right card for your lifestyle and your circumstances. A credit card comparison chart should do more than woo you with sponsored placements. See who has the best offers for credit card balance transfers and who guarantees your introductory APR for the longest period. Find the perks or rewards you’ll actually use while you compare interest rates. Shop as long or as little as you choose before you apply.

You’re the customer. Let card companies compete for your business instead of feeling like you’re competing for theirs.

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Pros & Cons of Credit Cards


  • Credit Cards can offer flexibility in how and where you apply our resources each month. They’re accepted almost everywhere and can be used for almost anything.
  • Strategic card use means you have options when confronted with unexpected expenses or family emergencies.
  • Most major cards guarantee secure transactions and include fraud protection. If bad things happen, it’s unlikely you’ll take the loss.
  • Responsible credit card use can strengthen your credit report and raise your credit score. That means more options and flexibility with other sorts of financing, as well as lower rates and better terms across the board.
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  • Credit cards make it easy to impulse spend or overspend by creating the illusion that we’re not really spending at all. (We are.)
  • Credit card interest rates tend to be higher than for many other sorts of borrowing. Late fees and other charges tend to snowball if not carefully managed.
  • Card issuing companies offer minimum monthly payments designed to draw out repayment as long as possible and maximize how much interest you’ll pay over time.
  • Credit card debt is one of the most crushing economic burdens facing millions of Americans from all walks of life. Your cards should work for you; it’s far too easy to discover one day that you’re working for them.

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Cashry knows credit cards. It would be easy to simply tell you never to use them, but that’s not realistic for most of us. Instead, we talk about practical ways to manage your credit card balance and help you compare the different types of credit card available to you. It would be fun to talk about features and interest rates and rewards as if they were the latest smart phone or streaming service or infomercial appliance. We choose instead to be as real with you as possible while breaking down industry lingo and expert insights into plain, simple English. We choose to inform and encourage and trust you to make the best decisions for yourself as a result.

And yes, with that credit card information comes our own credit card comparison chart. Yes, we break down the different types of credit card and can even help you find good credit cards for bad credit. If you decide to apply for a particular card, we’ll help you with that part as well. We maintain relationships with a number of reputable card providers because that’s part of modern financial reality for most Americans in the 21st century, and we can’t claim to care about “unified finance” and ignore or exclude one of the biggest elements of that for most of us.

Keep in mind, however, that you’re the customer. Whatever your credit history or current three-digit credit score, you may have to apply – but you don’t have to beg. You don’t have to take the first thing you’re offered, or the second, or the third. Whatever your circumstances, you deserve to be treated with honesty and respect. Besides, it may turn out that the best credit card for you is actually a debt consolidation loan, or a small savings account, or a household budget. Unified finance means focusing on your personal financial goals and circumstances. It’s not about the card – it’s about what makes the most sense for you.

So, how can we help you today?

All credit cards are not created equal, and not all credit card use is the same. It’s important to find a card that works for you - and make sure you don’t end up working for the card.

In a perfect world, we’d get by without any plastic in our purse or wallet. In reality, however, most of us like the flexibility. We want options, especially when something unexpected happens. Carrying the right credit cards isn’t a bad thing. For most of us, it’s part of being prepared

The problems come when we find ourselves in a cycle of making minimum monthly payments without ever reducing our balance (or worse, NOT making our minimum monthly payments). Many cards are designed to draw us into a pattern of debt, constantly paying interest and late fees while our balances continue to rise. When this happens, our credit cards are no longer helping us; they’ve become part of the problem.

Goalry can help you find the right credit card or cards for you. We can help you compare interest rates, rewards, and other features. All cards are not created equal because not all credit card users are the same. Just as importantly, however, we can help you use that card more strategically and effectively. Credit cards are important, but they’re just one feature of your unified financial life.

Let’s stop surviving and start living. Let’s do less reacting and more preparing. It’s time to be in control of your financial future. It’s time for Goalry.

Do you ever wonder why some people manage to secure such low-interest credit cards with such great rewards programs attached? Why card issuers compete for their business with amazing offers while they simply deluge others with inflated promises, hidden fees, and ridiculous interest rates?

Most of the time it comes down to credit scores. Even an average score can give you a shot at competitive rates and some appealing introductory offers. A good or excellent score opens the door to even sweeter deals and financing options which seem practically free. Whatever your current score, it matters - whether you want it to or not.

The good news is that your credit score isn’t set in stone. It changes every time you make or miss a payment, borrow or repay a loan, raise or lower your equity and investments, or even apply for a new credit card. If you have a low score, we can help you raise it - not with tricks, or magic, or inflated promises of overnight change, but with practical, down-to-earth changes in how you think about your spending, saving, and credit card use. Paying down debt and strengthening our credit history won’t always be easy, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as it often seems. And you don’t have to do it alone.

Whatever your credit score, you don’t have to take the first card offered to you on whatever terms the issuer chooses. You are still the customer, and in the 21st century, you have options. Your journey towards taking more effective control of your personal or small business finances starts with recognizing whose in charge of your financial choices - and it’s not the credit card companies. We can help you cut through the noise and promises and start making those better decisions you’ve had in you all along.

Choosing the right credit card for your lifestyle can be part of effective budgeting. Low-interest cards with rewards you can actually use help save you money now and over the long haul. A detailed budget with a specific repayment plan ensures that your credit card use serves your long-term goals rather than simply scratching a short-term itch.

Prompt repayment of any credit card debt you incur should be a priority in your monthly budgeting. Never settle for making minimum monthly payments month after month. Credit card interest accumulates too quickly and issuers love to keep nudging up your credit limit to keep up the impression that you’re doing well as your balance continues to rise. If you can’t pay off your cards in full each month, make sure you’re spending and card use is strategic - not impulsive.

It’s OK to give yourself options in your budgeting and your credit card use. We can help you stay in control of both so that your cards are working for you instead of the other way around.

Effective cash management means making daily decisions that support your long-term goals instead of hindering them. We can’t always control what life throws at us, but we always have at least some choice how we respond.

Do we buy new in hopes of greater reliability and a longer product life, or buy used to save money? Should I pay down debt with that small surplus, put it in savings, or add it to my retirement investments? Even choosing to change cell phone plans or cut one of our many streaming services is a form of cash management. It’s no different when choosing credit cards or when deciding when and how to use them.

Should you prioritize a low introductory rate or focus on guaranteed long-term conditions? Do you really use the “rewards program” associated with your current credit card, or would you be better off transferring your balance to something more basic with a lower overall interest rate? Should you take whatever you local bank or credit union is offering for convenience, or educate yourself on some of the many options available from reputable online institutions?

Knowing when to use your credit card and when to consider other methods of payment is another critical element of effective cash management. Is it better to hold down total debt or maintain your savings? Are you using the card for flexibility or because you can’t actually afford what you’re about to buy? Will you be glad tomorrow that you pushed forward with your decision or wish you’d waited and thought about things a bit longer?

It feels like “Savings” and “Credit Cards” are opposites in many ways. That’s because we’ve been trained to think of the many different elements of our financial world as distinct and unrelated to one another.

But that’s not how things really work, is it? The money you spend on auto insurance is money you can’t spend on taking the family out to dinner. The extra cash you earn watching the neighbor’s kids some weekends goes into the same checking account as your direct deposit paycheck from your “real job.” And choosing to use a credit card instead of dipping into savings, or to spend money from savings instead of adding to our credit card debt, is all part of taking more effective control of our own personal or small business finances. It’s all the same money, however we earn it, spend it, save it, or invest it. Pretending otherwise is often how we get in trouble to begin with.

That’s why at Goalry we like to talk about “unified finance.” Your credit score, your retirement plans, your decisions about remodeling or refinancing or consolidating your debt are all connected. So are your decisions about choosing the right credit card and managing your short and long-term savings. We’ve constructed our online financial mall and all Goalry applications with this in mind. The decisions are all still yours. What we can help you with is making more informed decisions, with better organized information, all at your fingertips whenever you choose to access it.

That’s unified finance. That’s Goalry.

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Credit Card Basics Personalized

Credit cards can be a powerful tool, a financial convenience, or a giant anchor on all your efforts to get ahead. Taking control of your credit card use starts with understanding exactly what these cards are and how the system works. Like driving a car or preparing a meal, credit card use can become a normal, healthy part of your world or lead you into dangers you don’t want and messes you don’t need. Using your card strategically and effectively can help you move forward; using it carelessly or foolishly can leave you feeling trapped and overwhelmed.
At Cashry, we’re not content to be just another website to compare credit cards. The cards aren’t the customer – you are. If you have decent credit, you may want to focus on the lowest credit card interest rates. If you’re building credit or repairing your credit score after a rough stretch, you should know that there are good credit cards for bad credit. We’ll guide you through the terminology, the fee structures, and the factors to consider as you card shop. Because it’s not about finding the best credit card; it’s about finding the best credit card for you.

Unified Finance With Cashry

At Cashry, we educate, encourage, and connect. We don’t loan money. We don’t issue credit cards. We don’t rise or fall based on which cards you choose or whether you choose to use credit cards at all. What we are pretty good at, however, is showing people the power of what we like to call “unified finance.” Credit cards, health insurance, refinancing a mortgage, borrowing money for an emergency repair, making decisions about retirement funds, selling a house, comparing used cars, understanding small business taxes – these things are often treated so differently, as if they have nothing in common with one another. But they do. They’re all about your personal or small business finances. They’re all about your economic options, choices, and future.

Money is never the most important thing, but almost all of the most important things we’ll experience, want, need, or do throughout our lives involve or require money. Taking more effective control of your personal or small business finances isn’t about shaving interest points or ordering fancier meals. It’s about giving yourself and your loved ones more options. It’s about providing for people you care about and having more access to experiences, comfort, security, health care, or education. It’s about the cumulative power of better choices in our budgeting, in how we track our spending, in saving, and in educating ourselves along the way.

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